Brazil starlet Lucas denies calling Ibrahimovic “arrogant”


PARIS, March 19 — Paris Saint-Germain starlet Lucas Moura has claimed he was misunderstood after calling teammate Zlatan Ibrahimovic as “difficult and arrogant.”

The 20-year-old Brazilian used his Twitter account on Tuesday to deny any ill-feeling towards the Swedish striker.

“I gave an interview by telephone and made comments about Ibra that were taken out of context,” Lucas said on the microblog.

“I said that on the pitch he shouts a lot, complains, swears and those normal things that a player does. It’s his way, but he is a great player. He treats me very well, jokes with me, chats and we get along very well,” he said.

During an earlier interview with Fox Spots Radio, Lucas jokingly said that Ibrahimovic had a difficult personality.

“He has welcomed me but he is arrogant sometimes,” Lucas said during the interview while laughing. “He complains and its rare that he is wrong.”

“He shouts and only sometimes it’s possible to understand him. He calls for the ball and swears but he treats me very well. We have great respect for each other.